7 Amazing Benefits Of Using eink display

Stop using paper when you can have an electronic display in your hand that isn’t like an LCD but provide more benefits and improves your reading habits while protecting your eyes. These displays are made of high contrast stability with no backlight feature. Check out the 7 amazing benefits of using e ink displays!

What Are E ink Displays?

E Ink displays are commonly known as “reflective displays.” When we talk about an LCD, or “emissive display,” the technology is different because LCDs have light from a backlight that is projected through the display. However, an E-Ink display does not have a backlight; when ambient light is reflected back from the display, your eyes see the image.

How Long Does The Ink Of The Displays Last?

The eink display has a long-lasting lifespan of about 50,000 hours, whereas, translating to around 90,000,000 refreshes. The electronic circuit completely shuts down at the moment when the button is not typically engaged or in use.

Why Are E-ink Displays Better Than LCDs?

E-Ink displays are generally considered comfortable to read, they have been made with higher contrast, and no glare, as well as, they will provide a more natural reading experience.

7 Amazing Benefits Of E ink Displays


E Ink displays are designed with an ink layer dissolved into a plastic film substrate. It is highly flexible to be used in the sunlight without any eye distraction.


If you are looking for a handy piece that can not shatter easily and give you the feel of reading a newspaper or a real book, then E ink display is the right choice for you.


Yes! The displays are super lightweight material to provide you with an instant way to read whatever you want. They are also travel friendly which means you can easily put the display inside your handbag without any heaviness.

Higher contrasts

With high contrast feature, your eyes will stay safe from unprotected rays. The e ink displays are very similar to actual paper.

Easy to read

The bright side of e ink display is that when you paint a picture on it, it will stay there, and the battery level stays the same. However, the energy is only used during the time moving pages from one to another.

Reflective (no backlight)

Unlike LCDs, E-paper does not require a backlight in order for content to be readable. Instead, it makes use of the environment’s light.

Lower power consumption

E Ink’s technology is known as “bistable”. Despite the removal of all power sources, an image will remain on an E Ink screen. This suggests that the display is consuming battery power only when something is moving or changing its original state.


E ink displays take the world to a new level of higher technology. They made it clear, from the beginning, that e ink displays offer a wide range of advantages in our daily life. This technology is a major change, particularly for avid readers.